Computer Upgrades can be a great way to start a business. Anyone with basic computer skills can learn how. Web-sites can tell you about starting a business, and web-sites can show you how to do some computer upgrades. Only this home study course takes you all the way. Take action today!

It all comes down to three basic steps:

Learn the skills

Build a business

Change your future

This course shows you how. In about five weeks you can be on your way to a different future. Invest in that future today!
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Let's take a look at how this course can work for you!

The new computer owner starts looking for upgrades almost from the day they buy their new computer. Soon after they make the purchase they find out their favorite program needs more memory, or that super duper new game needs a fancy video card. Many owners are terrified at the prospect of doing their own upgrades. This creates the need for qualified people and businesses to perform the upgrades.

Big box stores sometimes provide upgrade services, but they are often expensive, and the work is sometimes done by insufficiently trained low wage workers without the motivation to do what is right for the customer. This is a gap that you could fill! It's a win-win. You provide a service that customers really need, and they help you build a business and a future!

Here's a list of some of the upgrades you will learn:

Upgrade Memory

Upgrade from Integrated Video to a Video Card

Upgrade to a better Video Card

Add an External Hard Drive

Add a CD Burner

Add a DVD Burner

Replace a CDROM with a DVD Player

Replace a CDROM with a CD Burner

Replace a CD Burner with a DVD Burner

Upgrade a Processor

Add a Floppy Drive

Upgrade a Power Supply

Replace Windows with Linux

Upgrade to a Dual Boot System

Reload Windows

Replace a Hard Drive with a Bigger Hard Drive

Upgrade a Motherboard

Don't panic! There is a lot in this course. However it is all presented in a logical step by step manner. Suggestions are made of how to study the material, where to get more information when you need it, and what you need to practice.

But wait - there is much more. Once you get comfortable with performing the upgrades the real fun begins. This course leads you to the next logical step of setting up your own business. This includes lots of valuable tips on getting business, setting prices, and dealing with customers. There is information here that can save you untold amounts of time and money.

Want to know more? Here is the entire syllabus for the course:


What’s in this lesson


Do I have to be a computer expert?

Do I have what it takes?

How long will it take?

How much money do I need?

How to get the most out of this course

A note on safety

A note about responsibility

A note on tools

Some notes on parts

General Notes – Windows XP

General Notes – Windows Vista

Computer cases

Static Electricity

Screw Types

What upgrades can I do? (Including Difficulty Ratings)

Do you want to start a business?

What’s coming next?

Web Resources

Lesson 2

What’s in this lesson

Upgrade – Memory Upgrade

Upgrade: Adding a Video Card to a system with Integrated Video

Upgrade: Upgrade Video Card

Upgrade: Adding an External Hard Drive

Upgrade: Adding a Firewire Card

Upgrade: Adding a USB 2.0 Card

Upgrade: Adding an Additional Hard Drive

What’s coming next?

Web Resources

Lesson 3

What’s in this lesson?

Upgrade: Adding a CD Burner

Upgrade: Adding a DVD Burner

Upgrade: Replace a CDROM with a DVD Player

Upgrade: Replace a CDROM with a CD Burner

Upgrade: Replace a CDROM with a DVD Burner

Upgrade: Replace a CD Burner with a DVD Burner

Upgrade: Upgrading Your Processor

What’s coming next?

Web Resources

Lesson 4

What’s in this lesson?

Upgrade: Adding a Floppy Drive

Upgrade: Upgrading Your Power Supply

Upgrade: Replace Windows With Linux

Upgrade: Upgrade to a Dual Boot System

Upgrade: Reload Windows XP

Upgrade: Replace a Hard Drive with a Bigger One

What’s coming next?

Web Resources

Lesson 5

What’s in this lesson?

Upgrade: Upgrade Motherboard

Turning Your Upgrade Knowledge into a Business

Basic Business Set Up

Sales Order Form Contents

What kinds of upgrade products should I sell?

How do I start marketing?

Word of Mouth

Business Cards

Flyers in Supermarkets

Web Site

Craig’s List

Newspaper Classified

Free Classified

Other Computer Repair Shops


Pricing – How much should I charge?

What is my internal hourly rate?

What is my published hourly rate?

What about customer service?

When should I fire a customer?

How do I deal with friends and relatives?

What about warranties?

A really important Sales Tip

Where Do I Go From Here?

Web Resources

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